Sword Art Online Alicization Rising Steel [v2.6.2] APK Mod for Android

Sword Art Online Alicization Rising Steel [v2.6.2] APK Mod for Android
Size 795M
Version 2.6.2
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Update February 7th, 2022
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SAO Unleash Blading

SAO Unleash Blading is an action-adventure game developed based on an anime series of the same name to allow players to explore a vast virtual world. Although there are many SAO entries in the market, this game possesses many features and novel concepts applicable to turn-based tactical gameplay. As if that weren’t enough, it also comes with a novel storyline in which players can immerse themselves in many possibilities and events.


SAO Unleash Blading has a storyline that wraps around the entire Alicization arc of the light novel. The game follows the storyline in Season 3 of the anime Sword Art Online. The first episode of the third part, which lasted more than 47 minutes, fully introduces the story. Kirito is working with a technology development company, Rath is researching a new full-dive system called Soul Translator (STL) by reading the human soul (Fluctlight). It can help people connected to the virtual world, but real time is much faster than reality there.


The first impression of SAO Unleash Blading is the quality of its signature anime visuals, along with tons of eye-catching skill effects that make the battlefield vivid and awesome. The effects, UI and other intuitive designs are also delicate and polished for players to have smooth and fluid interactions. Much of the content or iconic factors in the entry will also appear in-game with outstanding graphics that promise to make the player’s experience realistic and vivid.


The game now emphasizes player strategy and formation and introduces many dynamic combat systems to deepen the gameplay. Also, it’s important that each player takes their turn, even if they have to make the most of each character’s ability to achieve the best combat performance. All turn-based mechanics apply modern or new generational concepts, demonstrating the superiority and importance of strategy throughout gameplay.


The player’s battle formation can contain many characters at once, and depending on the battle mode, there are separate limits for the player to be more creative. SAO Unleash Blading gives players access to a huge character system, including every known character in the entry or that has appeared previously. Their abilities and classes are also extensive, giving players many impressive abilities to create a full squad.


Items such as skills, gear, and individual stats for each character or squad have separate upgrade systems. Their influence is great for all combat units, and players can learn infinitely and apply them in actual combat. In the future, more complex systems will gradually open up, giving players more ideas to link any possibility or action together smoothly and flexibly.


* Meet your favorite characters

SAO Unleash Blading has a plus point that greatly contributes to the success of this game. The game doesn’t only focus on the characters that appear in part 3 like Alice and Eugeo. The characters are extremely diverse, even the characters from Part 1 like Yuuki, Leafa. This will help you build your squad with your favorite characters.
* item

As you know, in season 3 the characters can use elemental attacks in the underworld. You can call them with the command: “system call”. Sounds cool right? But in SAO Unleash Blading, your skills already contain an element. Master this skill to make wise choices in battle.
* Graphics

Speaking of SAO Unleash Blading’s graphics, needless to say how amazing they are. Compared to their predecessors, SAO: Memory Defrag and SAO: Integral Factor, I find that all three parts are self-contained and extremely beautifully designed. However, more was invested in this part than in the previous games, both in effects and animations. In addition, the sound is very lively.

SAO Unleash Blading

Download SAO Unleash Blading v3.2.0 MOD (Damage x1 – x100) APK Free

Introduce SAO Unleash Blading

Enter Sword Art Online and experience a tale of noble souls…

SWORD ART ONLINE: Unleash Blading is SAO’s newest anime RPG. The Alicization story arc from the Sword Art Online anime series comes to life as you enter Underworld.

Join Kirito, Eugeo, and friends in their quest to save Alice and all of Underworld from new and dangerous threats. This anime RPG lets you explore a new anime storyline that expands the world of Sword Art Online.

Meet SAO characters from every story arc, like Asuna, Sinon and Leafa, as well as new characters from the Alicization anime and unique to Rising Steel.

This JRPG adventure, set in the virtual world of Sword Art Online, combines stunning new anime-like motion with a unique Spirit Battle System. Turn-based games gain an original strategic twist, where you sap the enemy spirit to defend against their attacks or gather spirit for your team.

Cross swords with the Integrity Knights and battle monsters from the Dark Territory! Unleash sword skills and powerful attacks to take down the mightiest of foes in anime-style battles!

SWORD ART ONLINE: Unleash Blading brings the SAO manga novels, anime series and original content into one epic anime RPG adventure!

The fate of the virtual world rests in your hands. LINK START!!!

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SAO Unleash Blading

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SAO Unleash Blading

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Whats new of Sword Art Online Alicization Rising Steel [2.6.2]

* Minor Bug Fixes
Minor Bug Fixes
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