Moon Pioneer [2.9.14] APK Mod (Ad-Free, Menu) for Android

Moon Pioneer [2.9.14] APK Mod (Ad-Free, Menu) for Android
Size 62M
Version 1.8.8
MOD Info MOD APK Ad-Free, Menu
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Update August 8th, 2022
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Welcome to Moon Pioneer game for Mobile. This is an arcade game. This game develops VOODOO. It requires Android 5.0 and up. At now, this game is over 10,000,000+ downloads and installs on Google Play. Let’s start this game now. Don’t forget to enjoy Moon Pioneer game with MOD APK free for Android on 1Mod.IO

Moon Pioneer

Moon Pioneer –

an idle game in which you control an astronaut whom you have to help colonize different planets and satellites that are scattered all over space. Your adventure, of course, begins on the moon, the closest satellite to Earth. But it won’t be long before you visit celestial bodies much further away.
Collect oil, build factories and explore the entire universe!
Moon Pioneer MOD APK is a game from the publisher Voodoo, the name is quite famous for many casual mobile games. This time you play as a leader in search of a new land. But this country is not on earth, it is on the moon.

Build factories and explore the moon

Many casual games often choose the theme of exploring and building. The core of the excitement in these games lies in the feeling of mastering the adventure we are going through. Collect, build yourself, constantly do many different things, increase both quantity and quality, both people and wealth, to gradually create a real empire. The excitement is only increased when you have the opportunity to see all your efforts pay off after a while. From an empty country it has grown into a city, or from a deserted island into the most prosperous trading city in the country.
I also play quite a lot of games of this genre and I have to admit that later everything becomes more and more similar. The same theme, sometimes the same approach, same gameplay, items, resources also have overlaps. So there are times when I think this type of game will eventually get boring.
That’s what I thought until a friend recommended Moon Pioneer to me. This game is really a breath of fresh air that you should try if like me you are a bit frustrated with the construction games genre.

On the way to explore the moon you have to go through many different challenges and do everything from the most basic, rudimentary and difficult steps.
But it’s not as complicated as you think, Moon Pioneer is absolutely very casual. Their operation is just touch, drag and drop. They will do such things in turn. First, when the spaceship’s door opens, you come out in a space suit and set up a pedestal to prepare to send an oil drill pipe to the lunar platform. Once you have the drill, collect the oil sacs.
Then, while you wait for the device to start working again, assign the oil bags on your back to different tasks, such as: B. Creating a machine that looks like a treadmill. Then they called other people out of the spaceship, who stood and ran on these machines. The faster you run, the more people you have, the more fuel the rig will have to drill more oil. The more oil you have on hand, the more things you can do, such as for the purpose of long-term human settlement…
There are also many things to explore and expand upon. Gradually you will conquer this new planet and set out to explore the vast universe around you.
* Spawn on the moon and find oil to collect. Be a brawler and mine oil at the well!

* Use the treadmills to extract oil. Gather more oil with your space crew while they train too. Sounds fun right?

* Deliver more oil to keep your space station running and fueled for the next voyage of exploration!

* Next, fly your rocket to Mars. Build a space station, mine for more oil. Build a refinery to turn oil into useful products. There is no limit to the amount of oil that can be mined on Mars!

* Refine your oil into greenhouse fuel. Heat the greenhouse and grow crops for food!

* Load more and more oil into your rocket for later use.

* Reap the harvest. Food grows fast!

* Explore the next planet – Jupiter! Set up more greenhouse projects to grow more crops that will be your food!

* Enjoy unlimited resources – oil and food with Moon Pioneer Mod APK Unlimited Money.

Show off your achievements to both family and friends!

Benefits of Playing Moon Pioneer Mod APK 

It seems to be a common belief that online gaming is detrimental to children’s development. Nothing could be far from the truth, and while there are numerous – and complex – reasons for this, it also makes sense when you consider the underlying benefits of game-based learning; especially arcade games like Moon Pioneer Mod APK.
Of course, teens shouldn’t spend every waking moment looking at a computer screen. Studying and playing are not mutually exclusive! Playing Mood Pioneer Mod APK can be beneficial for a child’s learning and growth. As?

Beneficial for health

Playing mobile games has been shown to provide various health benefits such as: B. reducing sadness and increasing happiness levels (which gives you a fantastic feeling when you play and win). Playing Artist Life can help with brain training. The game improves your brain function by requiring you to perform consecutive actions to complete different tasks.

Enjoy exploring –

In Moon Pioneer you are free to explore what space has to offer today. Enjoy a fun game where you can freely explore different planets and celestial bodies today. You can explore freely here as you can have fun with different resources.

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