Dungeon Shooter : The Forgotten Temple [v1.4.30] APK Mod for Android

Dungeon Shooter : The Forgotten Temple [v1.4.30] APK Mod for Android
Size 49M
Version 1.4.30
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Update January 1st, 2022
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Dungeon Shooter : Dark Temple


Dungeon Shooter Dark Temple –

an action shooter that takes place in a classic RPG setting around a dungeon, but only with firearms and other attributes. Gamers find themselves in a huge branched labyrinth in which they have to endure a multitude of monsters living here, rescue colleagues in an accident, uncover the secret of this place and of course defeat the final boss who rules everything here and threatens the existence of the whole world with his plans.


Data – OBB

Extract and copy the folder to SD/Android/OBB

Dungeon Shooter : Dark Temple

Introduce Dungeon Shooter : Dark Temple

This is a fun and cool FPS indie game, which has some features of RPG games. Players play as a shooter to adventure in tombs and dungeons, challenge unknown creatures, and dig for treasures. The game is rich in content and has multiple game elements, including pets, artifacts, runes, and guns ,etc…. Their reasonable combination will make the battle fun and diversified. hope you find your own fun in the game.

1. About the Death Cave:
There are three gemstones in the scene, each one destroyed will reduce the ability of the boss, Be careful to avoid the boss before these stones are destroyed.

2. About guns dropping:
Dialogues with the guard, click on the Creatures dialog box, and then fight,there is a chance to drop guns after killing boss.

3.About DNA:

Dungeon Shooter : Dark Temple

Dialogue with the guard, click on the Creatures to select the boss you killed ,there is a chance to drop DNA after killing the boss No.2, No.5 and No.10 .

4.About the creation of pets :
Dialogue with Dr.Reyna, create pets through “life synthesis” panels, It needs 1 DNA and 10 life genes.

5.About artifacts:
In the underground tomb exploration after opening the chest, there is chance of dropping treasures, treasures can be crafted into artifacts, equiping them will increases the character’s attributes.

6. Introduction to some elements:

Dungeon Shooter : Dark Temple

Snake Blessing – Make pet snakes have blood-sucking ability and increase defense power.
Darkness – The gun has a probability of firing black bullets, causing 200-300% damage.
Identification – Increase the probability of getting treasures when opening treasure chests.

*Notes on required permissions*
When opening the game for the first time, the system will apply for permission to access the expansion memory card (the prompt is to access photos, media and files). If you have not installed an expansion memory card, it will not affect you even if you deny permission. If you had installed an expansion memory card, some files of the game may be stored here. If you deny permission, it may cause startup errors.

Have a good time!

Whats new of Dungeon Shooter : The Forgotten Temple [1.4.30]

+ Fixed bugs. + Optimized game dasta.
Fixed bugs.
Optimized game dasta.
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