LockMyPix PRO

LockMyPix PRO
Size 7.3M
Version Gemini Premium
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Update January 4th, 2023
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LockMyPix. The app is rated for its security and uses the best military-grade security, even many people use it to keep everything safe. Whether it is a personal photo, document, or video, just image or video format, this app will protect everyone, no one other than you will be able to see it. Any images, videos, or audio after downloading or capturing, will be transferred here. Similar to the data before installing this app, it will also be included and transferred there, leaving your collection empty. After installing the app, the user will set the most appropriate password to prevent others from accessing it. The app can also create a lure for users in case they are forced to open a case. Yes, the decoy will only contain weird pictures, which do not appear on your device, and they also have the positive purpose of making others less suspicious.

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The app has a professionally designed interface, brings a sense of security to users, and uses simple colors to create usability. The interface of the app can also change into many different types depending on the style of each user. In addition, the home page will be where the user contains the photos, videos, and they are organized according to the time taken. The interface will also categorize the data that users have and divide it into different categories such as photos, videos or audio. Users only need to perform a few simple steps to access other categories of data on the device. Of course, the app will also have user settings, allowing the interface settings to be changed, making it more secure and superior.

LockMyPix PRO

🔒 Thanks for your all feedback to make the most of LockMyPix Private Photo Vault.
- Create encrypted notes
- Copy files / folders
- Import entire folders (long click)
- Maximize Screen Brightness in advanced settings
- Great design mod and performance boost

👍 Anything we can do for you? Reach out to us for suggestions and assistance 📧 [email protected]
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